What exactly staying calm means?

Most people have the wrong idea about what exactly calmness is? Staying calm is not a weakness. It’s a virtue, a behavior that most people can’t master. Just like any other habit, staying composed and peaceful demands time and practice. It requires you tostarve all your distractions and focus solely on your end goal. People often mistake calmness with nonchalant behavior. Nonchalant beings will act cool by not giving any sort of importance to particularly anything. While staying calm needs you work towards your goal bearing all the anxieties, pressure and all the problems that come with your end goal. It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a gradual process and once you get the hang of it, things won’t be the same for you.

What are the advantages of staying calm?

Staying composed and calm has all the benefits one could ever want:

  1. Improvement in health with Deep Relaxation: Deep Relaxation is the relaxation of your mind, body, soul and possibly every cell in your body. It is the most effective way to release any kind of anxiety that you might be facing and relaxing any muscle tension by easing your nerves. When in this phase things will start to slow down and you start breathing in every moment. It speeds up the process of healing, optimizes all your internal processes. You’ll see a marvelous change in your health condition.
  2. The clarity in thoughts: Once you are calm, you won’t have unnecessary thoughts erupting in your head. Every thought will have an incentive behind it. You’ll start seeing the bigger picture, and your actions will start depicting your thoughts more than your words. All the questions like “What should I do” and “What should I not do” will fade away and you’ll know yourself what is truly right for you and your development.
  3. Clear and better communication: This is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of staying calm, because once you listen to things calmly and patiently. You can make the most out of everything that you have heard. Staying calm will help you to listen not just to respond to words, but to understand the words and thoughts behind the words. Many people face communication problems may it be in business proposals or relationships, because they let their emotions get the better of them. A composed and calm person would speak less but wisely.
  4. Better Decision making: You’ll have great judgemental skills. You’ll stand out among all other people by showing great resilience under pressure. Taking calls that no one would dare think of and making yourself count under tough circumstances.
  5. Rediscover Yourself: You’ll sculpt your true identity and make yourself and your traits modify at your own free will. You’ll be the true master of your own destiny.
  6. Live Joyfully: You’ll live every moment of your life, breathe every second. Step out into the world with bright rays of confidence reflecting out of you. You’ll truly shine.

How one can practice and achieve the virtue of staying calm?

Attaining calmness in your head is just like any other exercise, you won’t become a Sensei in a day. You’ll have to be patient and persistent. So how should one get started with staying calm?

  1. Take care of your body, if you are healthy inside you are already one step closer to staying calm. Exercise regularly, eat a proper diet and try to drink as much water as you can. All these factors decrease your stress hormones and help your body grow.
  2. Stay Positive even under tough and adverse situations. If you can make up your mind up to something don’t back off until you ace it. Affirm yourself with positive thoughts whenever you feel like quitting or backing off. Whenever your head goes in different directions, try to refocus on the goal.
  3. Slow down for a moment and try to grasp the current situation at hand. Asses your environment and try to stop the flow of all thoughts in your head. Slow down all the processes of your body.
  4. Take deep breaths and feel your abdomen as it expands while you inhale and contracts as you exhale out. Feel the coolness of the air as you breathe in and the warmth leaving your body as you breathe out. Try to channel all your attention on your breath and let go off any thoughts that might distract you from focusing on your breath. Don’t hang to any thought, just let every thought slide by like clouds in the sky.
  5. Loosen Up your body, and every muscle inside it. Let go off any strains and muscular tension. Let your body be at ease, let gravity do all the work and help you loosen up.
  6. Don’t hang onto any loose ends or strings, if you have had any in the past. Just let go off everything that costs you your inner peace.
  7. Make yourself feel wanted by your own self, not by any other being. Make yourself comfortable with your own company. Don’t get bored with your company, try and enjoy it.
  8. Be the change you want to be rather than expecting things from others. Change the way you look at yourself.
  9. Start loving yourself and do all of the things for yourself that you’ll normally do for others.

How will it help you achieve big?

Great Personalities like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr and one of the modern cricketing greats MS Dhoni, all these people made a stand for themselves. They were calm when the odds were against them. These people weren’t afraid to make tough calls, even when their thoughts didn’t align with the rest. They held their grounds and proved their points when it mattered the most. All of these greats made a huge mark in this world and set role models for others to follow. Work every day towards your goals, starve all the distractions and kill all the unnecessary thoughts that might waver you from your path to success. Believe in your true self.