We have all been there where we had to choose to either take action or lay low and delay the course of action. We all have struggled to take the right step, even though we knew it’s for our betterment. Just because the comfort of resting and easing gets the better of us. Let’s take a deeper dive and see more about procrastination and how to get rid of it.

What exactly is procrastination?

The common definition of procrastination says, “It’s a state of delaying or postponing something”, sounds pretty obvious. Let’s see what definition has science given to procrastination, “It’s a psychological state in one’s brain when restfulness and easiness shadows and clouds one judgement of performing a certain task”, this is rather alerting. When you break it down together, it says “It’s a state of delaying something, even when you know the consequences”.

How can procrastination hurt your goals?

Procrastination can make a big dent on your goals. At the time you procrastinate it might not seem very convincing, but sooner you yourself realise the cons. Procrastination can become a dreadful habit, if not taken care. Here is how procrastination affects our lifestyle.

  1. Poor Outcomes: Your outcome is bound to decrease as you would miss out on tasks and you’ll see your progress going down south.
  2. Induced negative thoughts: Procrastination can instil a sense of negativity in your thoughts. You would no longer be able to muster any kind of motivation to perform a task.
  3. High anxiety: Procrastination can result in high tension in your brain, all this tension can affect your health and your mental state.
  4. Inconsistency: You’ll find yourself wavering away from the schedule and all your motivation for work will be drenched.

How to stop procrastinating?

  1. Set your priorities straight: You should have your priorities and your tasks clear in your head, what you should be focusing on more and what you should avoid. Enlist your priorities in a notebook or somewhere, that way you’ll know what priorities you have set and you won’t have to ponder over them over and over again. Once your priorities are set you won’t have time to procrastinate, you’ll be always engaged in some sort of work.
  2. Set high rewards: Treat yourself with proper rewards after every task, the reward can be pretty much anything it entirely depends on what you want. The hunger for reward will not allow you to procrastinate even if you want to, because you’ll know you have something at stake.
  3. Work with a positive mindset: Negative and pessimistic thoughts are the cause of procrastination most of the times, if you can handle your thoughts and your mood. Your frequency of procrastination will drop drastically and believe me, you won’t have any urges to procrastinate. You will find ways to keep yourself acting on one task or the other.
  4. Keep yourself away from distractions: People tend to lose focus while working and can’t find enough strength to get back to it again. You must keep yourself away from any kind of distraction while working. It’ll disrupt your work flow and it won’t be easy for you to resume your work with full attention.
  5. Avoid usage of mobile: Mobiles are one of the biggest distraction factors. Keep your mobile phone out of your reach when you are working, once you get engaged with your mobile, you won’t know how time will fly. And how much time you would have wasted on scrolling through social networking sites.
  6. Don’t find excuses to procrastinate: People generally find excuses to slack off from work, even though they know how it’ll impact them. Here, you can change your mindset to find excuses to work, rather than procrastinate. Whenever faced with a situation similar to this, it’s best to write all your reasons for not working on a piece of paper and dump it in a bin. You’ll find mental relief from all the excuses that we’re pulling you back from work.
  7. Find everything you’ll need to work: Before starting with your work, it’s considered a great practice to find and keep all the essentials that you’ll be needing during work at one place. That way you won’t have excuses to get up from your work. It’s better to be ready with everything rather than pausing every time you need something, that way you won’t breaking the rhythm of your work.
  8. Confidence can sometimes be a trap: 90% of people procrastinate, because they are too confident over themselves. You would’ve also felt the same at times, while doing some work that you might have found too comfortable to deal with, but ended up screwing it. This is the case for most of the people, over-confidence is just the thing you would like to avoid every single time. It’s as they as say “Too much of anything can harmful for you”.

Those are pretty much all the things that you must keep in mind if you ever think of procrastinating, it’s a whole lot to grasp. Essentially, its important to focus on a few and you’ll know your away around others as you progress. Because bunch of these are inter-related to one or the other. Just don’t give to procrastination that’s the basic mantra you have to keep in mind at all times. Stay tuned for upcoming articles, until then it’s “SAYONARA” from the author.